At VAS Works we have heavily invested in the latest diagnostic equipment which is compatible with the Engine Management systems of most vehicles. Including Full VAG-COM, VCDS and ODIS testing kits. This diagnostic equipment allows us to plug in to your vehicle through the ODB port and identify fault codes that could be causing you a problem! We are proud to have an in depth understanding of the various E.C.U’s, controllers and electrical systems throughout the range of V.A.G vehicles. We are also able to offer many of the retro fits and coding changes for various features and models.
We are also able to carry out more in-depth diagnostic tasks, for faults that require more than just a quick ‘plug in’, in some cases this will require the vehicle to be left with us, especially if the fault is intermittent.
We have also added a EVAP smoker kit to our diagnostic tools, The EVAP smoker allows us to pin point leaks in both boost and breather systems quickly and effectively.

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