REVO performance software offers the smoothest and most controllable power increase available for the modern motor vehicle. All of the development is carried out using the standard car, which has first been diagnostically tested for true factory results.  Modern engines are controlled by software installed on an Engine Control Unit (ECU), the ‘brains’ of the vehicle. Factory software is designed to give models consistency in performance, regardless of the country they are sold in, with power outputs segmented depending on the target customer, leaving lots of room for improvements. All REVO performance Software is designed to safely enhance the driveability of your vehicle, giving access to more power and torque throughout the rev range while maintaining the extensive factory safety mechanisms.


Almost all software is complimented by multiple performance programs, anti-theft programs and user-friendly variable table changes that become accessible when you purchase an optional SPS Switch. Most REVO performance software is programmed through the vehicles Serial Port. This allows us to reprogram your vehicle without any fuss. 

REVO offers a range of  hardware upgrades to enhance your vehicle’s performance. All REVO hardware is designed and tested in-house by a specialist team of experienced engineers. Using state of the art prototyping equipment to aid the design process, and in-depth testing procedures the team are able to ensure the highest quality products. REVO strives to produce beautiful products that work and fit seamlessly. 

REVO ECU software deposits

We require a deposit to secure workshop space for your REVO performance upgrade. This deposit is non-refundable, unless an issue is identified in our Pre-remapping checks, stopping the software from being uploaded.

DSG Software

Get back in control with Revo DSG software. Have no worries of the transmission up-shifting and throwing out the balance of the car, down-shifting when using full throttle.
  • Launch Control Enabled at 3200rpm(where applicable)
  • Raised torque limit
  • Gear shift indicator turned on (where applicable)
  • Kickdown in manual mode disabled
  • Auto upshift in manual mode disabled
  • Optimised shift maps based on the sportiest available factory spec maps
Available now for 2.0Tfsi DSG vehicles, ask about combined packages.



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